The Space of On -- Art of Hosting Money

June 26, 2009

Arrived in Denver, Colorado today to meet with a wonderful hosting team. Martin Siesta from New Jersey, Elizabeth Jetton from Georgia, and Dick Wagner from Colorado are all financial planners. They are dear hearts, they know there industry, and they have a deep commitment to exploring the unknowns of the economic paradigm. Dear friends Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea are here from PeerSpirit -- it is always such an opening and gift to work with them. Teresa Posakony and I are here as pattern keepers of the Art of Hosting.

Today was a day of simply checking in. It was the work of gathering in circle so that we could say a few words to each other. Yes, a social space to check in, and some dinner together, a short walk away to Pho on Sixth. It was the activating of a center, the creating of a hearth that I was looking for. Christina rang the bells and invited the spirit of creating good in the world through our work. I offered the questions -- what are you most excited about for this gathering? What do you need to show up in the way you want too? From the moment that Dick spoke, the first to speak, of money as a way of connecting people in a society, and then followed by Elizabeth, sharing some of the consciousness shift that we are in, I felt the working field become very present.
Other inspired words and invitations were spoken and felt in that circle. The sense of quest. The hope of community. Bold actions. Activating energy fields. The gift of dark times and the next levels of "yes." Each and all noticed from telling a few stories together in response to the questions. They are the beginning, a container, that now gives us a lot of freedom in our design for the next day.

"On," or a particular level of "on" begins with a good checkin. And as I sit with this feeling of "on" now, that we will carry into design, I keep hearing Elizabeth's words -- "we might just create a new profession this week." When "on" arrives, those kind of words get very real. It is inspiring and worth a good breath too.


Judy Wallace said...

Thank you for checking in and opening the space for others to do so.
My sense is that the seeds, the clues, and even little prototypes for birthing the new economy, are in our midst. If we stop long enough, if we are willing to silently sense in together, what do we see /sense? What is there beyond what we already know - waiting to be given voice and form through us?
Piece to the center.
With love,

Mushin said...

This soounds very, very beautiful - and I love the title of your AoH happening.

Hope to hear of the harvest!

christy lee-engel said...

Dear Tenneson,

Thank you very much for inviting us in to the energy of checking in, into the circle. Your words are very evocative, and I can feel myself entering that space both in memory and in anticipation - am feeling my own heart center activated, antennae up for the "next levels of 'yes'"

Looking forward to reading more of what you all are discovering together.

love, Christy

sailas said...

Check ins have the most effective and connecting times for us at Kufunda. I know the feeling and i am happy to know you had the same feeling too.

Silas Lusias
Kufunda village