Dream School

February 16, 2009

I am feeling very schooled in dream space. It has been about a year since I started more deliberately trying to catch my dreams. Just simple description when they occured. It has been about three months since I started seeing more in them. The universe finds ways to speak with us in the subconscious and in the language of symbols. Feeling awe for this – when the student is ready, the teacher appears…

This morning I woke from a dream that spoke several questions. The language builds on what Toke Moeller shares here from a previous post on powerful questions. I haven’t tried to match those. Rather, just write what showed from my dream.

I think of these as root questions – good to ask a round from the “I” and a round from the “we.” This also builds on what Teresa Posakony and Chris Corrigan and I have been sharing with clients on core intentions of conversations that matter: learn / work / build relations.

How could we strengthen our ability to stand in this journey?
- it isn’t one that all will take or can take
- it has many qualities of the unknown
- sometimes we take the journey on behalf of others, as a gift to the whole
- we often stand in what feels like a minority

What is at the center of this journey?
- glimpses of the biggest vision we see
- might come to see more of this together

Who can help us along the way?
- notice the people able to work in beauty
- may be quiet people
- may be people of deep knowing and ground

What will we need to let go of?
- redefine “other”

How might we be more wise together?
- now
- in the future
- what do we need to learn

How might we be more compassionate?
- honoring people where they are

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