Daughter, Old Soul, Learning Partner

This is how I introduced Zoe in a boardroom conference call today. I invited her to join me as I met with a design team -- myself and four colleagues. Our focus was to design a community meeting for 200 people that will help launch a decade of a culture of connection in Utah -- people, issues, fundraising, purpose, challenges.

It was a very sweet moment to have Zoe participate with the group, and for lots of reasons.

- She offered a nice little checkin -- "I'm Zoe. I'm 11. I'm in 6th Grade. My dad said we would be planning a meeting to help people be more respectful with each other. I want to help."
- Zoe was an immediate and beautful reminder of the multigenerational impact of the need to connect across cultures.
- No shift in language was needed. There was no dumbing down. It was real. I think Zoe sensed this, even thought she didn't get all that was being said. It was a chance for her to think together, right with us, to see adults in meaningful conversation.
- It was another way for Zoe to see how people can work together. No particular rocket science. People talking, openly with presence, key questions, listening, harvesting, choosing wise actions. I hope this creates the expectation for her of powerful work through quite simple means.
- It opens possibilities in new ways for Zoe to imagine some of the amazing travel we could do together, as family, old souls, and learning partners.

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Chris said...

Cool...very cool all round